Since our beginning, we have been restoring, repairing and maintaining churches, institutions, religious and historic properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We have provided safe access to these structures for inspections by engineers, architects and government inspectors. We have the experience and expertise to safely access a wide variety of structures. Our years of experience enable us to perform a wide variety of services on the most challenging of projects.

Initially we visit your site to determine the source and nature of the problem and to recommend solutions to the problem. When relevant, we take detailed photographs of the site in order to better explain and document our solution. Our solution proposals are as complete as possible so that our customers can understand the nature and scope of the work.

We take pride in our projects, and this is evident in the competence of our workers. We constantly improve and maintain our skills through trade shows and seminars related to the restoration industry. The buildings we restore are often focal points of the community, and we ensure that they will remain in peak condition. If your building needs preventive maintenance, or an evaluation of an existing problem, we can recommend and provide solutions. Maintenance and repairs done in the present are an investment in the future.